Download SHOT DAWN for Android APK


Download SHOT DAWN for Android APK

Download SHOT DAWN for Android APK

"SHOT DAWN" is a shooting game developed and produced by an individual. Its gameplay is built-in the most classic FPS shooting mode. The competition has always been based on fair competition, and the skin does not have any attribute bonuses. There is only a fair battlefield here! The picture quality is clear, the shooting weapons are rich, and the shooting is flexible. The game also has rich game maps, game modes, and a lot of weapons and skins!

Features of “SHOT DAWN”:
✪ 11 game modes!
✪ 16 unique maps with unique environments and styles!
✪ A total of 100 guns and skins, and the skins can be used directly without the gun body! !
✪ Friends system!
✪ Matching system!
✪ Create room system
✪ In-battle chat emoticon system!
✪ Low requirements for equipment performance!
✪ A completely fair and just battlefield!
✪ Simple and easy to use operation!
✪ Sign-in system! Get rewards every day!
✪ Graffiti system, players can doodle anywhere on the map
✪ Customize the rules of play! Players can create their own gameplay!

Main game modes:
✪ Team Deathmatch
Divide into two teams and fight the enemy with your teammates!

✪ Fixed-point blasting
The gangsters need to plant bombs and the police need to stop them from blowing up the target!

✪ Personal Deathmatch
Everyone is your enemy here, you can kill them with any weapon!

✪ Personal knife fight
All players can only use knives, everyone is your enemy!

✪ Sniper Battle
Pick up your sniper rifle and compete with distant enemies!

✪ Melee
Both teams pick up the sword and fight each other!

✪ Capture the Flag
The gangsters need to go to the target point to pick up the flag, and the police need to stop them from reaching the target point with the flag!

✪ Entertainment Parkour
Players need to overcome various obstacles and traps in the map through various jumps and movements, and finally win!

✪ Biochemical infection
Players need to work together to fight off the infected, because everyone has only one goal, either survive or get infected.

✪ Man-machine training
Here you can choose different levels of AI for training and improve your skills!

✪ Custom gameplay rules
Based on installed bombs, you can limit the types of weapons you can use and make your own rules of play

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