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 Download Safari for PC

Apple's Mac and iOS browsers for PC
Apple was widely criticized when it originally released a volatile and unstable version of Safari for Windows. Things have changed a lot since then, and Safari 5 has come a long way with introductions like a new reader icon for easier reading on a single page, faster page load times and greatly improved HTML5 support for better video support and stability.

All original features such as tabs at the top of page management and cover flows to flip bookmarked iTunes sites have also been retained.

Lots of cute apple touches
Safari was the first browser for Windows to feature the best websites which is one of the most eye-catching aspects of Safari. Top Sites displays a thumbnail view of your most visited sites on one screen. Simply click on the window you want to visit to go directly to the site. If you tend to visit the same sites on a daily basis, Top Sites is a convenient way to access them just by opening your browser without accessing your bookmarks. It's also a good way to keep track of the sites you visit frequently and you can lock your favorite sites in one place so you can always know where they are when you open Safari. Sites with a star in the corner indicate those with new content so you can instantly see which ones have been updated.

Meanwhile, Cover Flow will become familiar to all iTunes users, allowing you to browse your bookmarks across the full page spreads of sites since it was the last time you browsed them. This principle is based on flipping through albums in iTunes. Although this sounds great, its usefulness is questionable.

However, history research is useful. You just type in a word, and Safari reveals every cached page with that word - very useful when you can't remember where the hell you saw a particular person's name or a particular game.

Plugins like Reader allow you to display all of your content on one page even though there is no way to change the font. There are also a variety of search options for the Safari search field so that your Google account won't be locked out.

Other useful features in Safari include Tabs on Top which makes it a little easier to access and open tabs at the top of Safari. You can also drag and drop tabs into another Safari window.

In addition, all standard features remain in Safari. By clicking on the RSS tag in the URL bar, you can get a view of all the posts in the feed, which you can present in chronological order and get a detailed view or title.

stable and easy to use
Safari has eliminated most of the bugs that made it difficult to use on PC and now it is a very stable and easy to use browser. HTML5 support has been improved which means you can now watch HTML5 video in full screen and HTML5 geolocation features are now available for Safari users.

Navigating in Safari is made a lot easier with a more predictive address bar which actually searches cached web pages for exact keywords and archives when viewing specific pages more refined and polished. Speed ​​has always been key in Safari, and Apple has upped the ante on an improved nitro engine that claims to execute JavaScript much faster than previous versions.

Not the best, but definitely the most graceful
Safari lacks available plugins compared to Firefox and Chrome, but there is no denying that Safari adds a touch of Apple style and class to PC.

Flow app lets you view your iTunes-style bookmarks
Look elegant and load pages very fast
Top Pages lets you see your most popular pages at a glance
The reader allows you to display a lot of content on one page
Private browsing mode

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