Download Poppy Playtime for Windows

Download Poppy Playtime for Windows

 Download Poppy Playtime for Windows

Survive the horrors of the game
Poppy Playtime is a paid adventure horror game from MOB Games. Here, your main goal is to survive and avoid the trap of scary games to uncover the truth behind the sudden disappearance of Playtime employees. Keep in mind that this game pretty much includes only the first chapter of the planned game series .

Thus, expect to see future Poppy Playtime chapters that can be obtained separately through DLC . To enjoy more of these game types, you can check out Little Nightmares , Zardy's Maze , and Dark Hotel .

Uncover the mystery surrounding the gaming company
In this exciting puzzle game , you will try to find out the real reason why all the employees in the factory one day disappeared into thin air a few years ago. You'll explore the abandoned factory and search for clues that can lead you to the answers you're curiously searching for. You will meet with a bunch of lively and scary games in which you can make friends.

While playing in Poppy Playtime, you will be equipped with GrabPack . A sophisticated wearable backpack that comes with two synthetic hands connected via a steel wire . These hand tools will greatly help you to grab heavy items and move them safely to anywhere you want with great ease. Moreover, the wire connected to it is long and flexible.

Regardless of the distance, it is enough to reach anything you need or want to own. Not to mention that the engineered steel wire has the ability to conduct electricity smoothly as well. However, it is important to note that your GrabPack wire, on the other hand, has limitations. This will also be a challenge for you when finding hints in the whole exploration game.

Enjoy the excitement and overcome challenges
Poppy Playtime is a gripping game that is well made and the atmosphere is beast as well. Also, the game will guide you through various puzzles, and teach you how to use tools in certain challenges in order to pick up the gameplay quickly and smoothly. Enjoy 30 minutes of terrifying survival game , and solve the baffling tragic story of the factory and its workers.

Gripping atmospheric horror game
All tools are provided right at the beginning of the game
Clues available in some puzzle games
well made monsters

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