Download Opera Browser for PC

Download Opera Browser for PC

 Download Opera Browser for PC

Opera - a fast, secure and easy-to-use browser
Opera is a free web browser that works in the same way as other browsers, but it has a handy VPN feature that makes it stand out.

Why choose Opera over other browsers?
Of course, having a VPN between computer terminals is nothing new, but doing it through a browser is. With Opera, many other web browsers are left in the blocks when it comes to offering this kind of feature. While alternative browsers - like Chrome which Google often lauds, for example - will allow you to download extensions to power VPNs, Opera's approach has been to build this kind of functionality into the product by moving. It is ideal for anyone who wants to be able to securely connect to some web-based service in a way that cannot be hacked bybefore the intruders. What's more, users don't have to pay for the VPN while using it or they need to cough up an annual subscription fee. Everything is "in the box". When connected to the Internet via a private broadband connection, this likely won't make much difference to your browsing. However, if you access sensitive websites , such as your online banking apps, over a publicly available Wi-Fi connection, the VPN will protect your connections from anyone else who has access to the data transferred back and forth.

using the browser
Opera puts many features simply. Using the popular VPN feature is self-evident, for example. All you have to do is confirm the "Enable VPN" option under your browser's security and privacy settings. Visual cues and tab logging help keep track of all the websites you may have opened at any given time, but not fully read. This makes it a very useful tool for people who do a lot of research on the Internet and may need to review partially read articles, for example. The browser comes with what the developers call a “ Turbo feature ” which is also easily accessible. This is designed to load websites to your device screen very quickly due to some nifty data compression techniques. Even the power consumption should be put under less stress which makes the battery last longerin the deal. Another handy feature is the currency conversion function . This is perfect for comparing prices when shopping online, especially if you are looking for something special on third party websites. Finally, Opera software makes an environment free of pop-up ads. Ideal if you don't want to have a lot of ads that make you actually search for what you are looking for, the advertiser claims that it blocks most annoying ads from appearing on your screen and slows down your computer as a result. On the developer 's website you will find more information about this browser.

Does Opera make web browsing better?
Although many of the features offered by this clever little browser are available with other types of software, the key is that many of them were included from the start. You don't need to search for suitable plugins provided by third party developers and hope they work reliably. This bundle is a one-stop shop and perfect for anyone who wants to enable a VPN when they are abroad.

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