Download ZOZ: Final Hour for Android XAPK

Download ZOZ: Final Hour for Android

 Download ZOZ: Final Hour for Android

ZOZ: Final Hour is a TPS for your extreme shooting delight. Zombie City, San Yager. Including you, 15 mercenaries infiltrate into the city to collect Blood Crystals, a mysterious matter which is worth hundreds of billions of dollars and carries the hope of salvation of the human race! You will only retreat with the condition of enough Blood Crystals. But watch your back, Merc, Zombies are not the biggest threat, Humans are!

- Human or Zombie
In San Yager, death is a new start. Merc will revive as Zombie after losing all blood. The thirst for blood is taking over your mind. As a Zombie, all you want to do is to pursue the pure pleasure of hunting down Human. It’s time to kill!

- Peace or Rogue
Kill Blood Crystal Zombies and extract the treasurable materials from them, or simply take them from your fellow Merc. The unique PvPvE mode offers you a chance to be who you are. But bear in mind, your only goal is to get the Crystal and get out of dodge!

- Team-Player or Lone-Wolf
You can choose to stay alone or team up with strangers. But bear in mind, they may betray you anytime under overwhelming temptation. After all, they all came here for the Blood Crystal. Tread carefully!

- Gear up and Move out
You’ll be paid up-front to purchase gears before the dangerous mission. Every Merc will be issued with different random gears to choose from.
Then a chopper will ship you into the battlefield, which is made up by 9 blocks of random building complexes, making each mission a thrilling surprise!

Please note, ZOZ ONLY supports Android 4.1 or higher version.
【Thrill and glory awaits in the zombie city. Join us now】

Email: gamezoz@global.netease.com
Official website:https://www.gamezoz.com/

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