Download WildBorn 野境重生 For iPhone and Android

Download WildBorn 野境重生 For iPhone and Android

 Download WildBorn 野境重生 For iPhone and Android

Wushuang combo adventure action game
A variety of weapons, hundreds of operations, choose the weapon that best belongs to your style

[Game Background]
In the near future, due to extremely serious environmental pollution and depletion of resources, the earth is no longer suitable for humans to live in. Human beings who have lost their living bases have discovered a suitable planet "Trus".
Truth's creatures are huge and brutal, and human weapons here are nothing but scraps of iron.
Through Hortel, a native of Truth, tells humans about the mysterious resource called Arethstone. Humans also have a way to fight against giant monsters
Hunting and survival start here

【game introduction】
◆Desperate Survival, Hunting Strong Enemies
Various monsters will appear in the game, all with different habits and fighting styles
And according to different areas such as deserts, ice fields, grasslands, etc., there are different environmental effects
Survive in desperate situations and hunt monsters!

◆Hundreds of equipment, gorgeous appearance
Use materials obtained from hunting monsters to make powerful equipment
While changing the appearance, it can strengthen one's own ability
You can also wear them in any combination to create your own unique style!

◆Various weapons, each with its own characteristics
The game contains a variety of weapons that can be freely selected
Whether it’s a gorgeous combo of "burst swords"
Or the "Sword Extreme Shield" that focuses on defense and field control
Choose the weapon that suits your style!

◆Guardian companions fight side by side
The game supports up to four players to fight together
Four players can work together, with each other's cooperation
Hunt for powerful enemies together and obtain rare and precious materials together

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