Download The Catapult: Castle Clash with Awesome Pirates For Android XAPK

Download The Catapult: Castle Clash with Awesome Pirates For Android XAPK

 Download The Catapult: Castle Clash with Awesome Pirates For Android XAPK

The description of The Catapult: Castle Clash with Awesome Pirates App
"The Catapult: Clash with Pirates" is an additional version of the free strategy game with realistic physics “The Catapult”. If you enjoyed the original “The Catapult” strategy game, you should definitely give this one a try. And if you are a fan of fighting awesome pirates then come aboard!

Once peaceful landscape has been invaded by a group of pirates and the castle clash is about to start…Are you up for this fun challenge in this strategy?

Here is how this strategy pirate game works. Your goal is to help Stickman protect your castle from the invasion of pirates. They will attack you from the sea, from the air and even from beneath the water. They have a large number of ships, guns, missiles and not only. Those pirates can be quite sturdy!  

But our hero is not afraid of it. With a new, expanded arsenal, he will easily break apart enemy ships with the help of his catapult. Now, for the destroyed enemies, you can not only buy bombs but also upgrade the tower, set protective mines, and equip a couple of destructive skills. Try out different set ups and see which ones help you defeat the most enemies. You will be very pleased to see your castle grow and become even more threatening to the mighty pirates. You can really challenge your strategic skills with clash games like this one! Which enemy to hit first? Which castle upgrade is the most essential? You will train your logical thinking skills as you go.

As always, this strategy game has simple intuitive controls. Tap on the screen and pull to charge the catapult and choose the tension force. Release to launch the projectile into the enemy and smash them. Become the winner of this epic castle clash and show them who is the real catapult king in this strategy!

If you have tried “The Catapult” before, we think you will really enjoy this strategy game’s new 2D graphics and realistic physics. You can apply real-life knowledge while playing to launch projectiles that will land exactly where you want them to land and hit as many enemies as possible. Remember, practice makes perfect! The more you play and explore the physics of this strategy game, the better you get.
This strategy Game features:
- Realistic 2d physics. Water, destruction and interaction of objects are made not by simple animation, but on the basis of a physics engine.
- Destroy pirate ships, sink submarines, shoot down aircraft over 80 campaign levels.
- Improved graphics.
- Simple controls.
- You can play this strategy game without the Internet
We are waiting for your wishes and comments about this strategy game. Any feedback is always appreciated and helps us improve this strategy pirate game and make it more enjoyable for you.

Have a nice strategy game

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